Think Nerds Can’t Be Sports Fans? Try Again.

There are exactly 101 days until my favorite football team plays its first regular-season game. I’m sitting here listening to interviews given after an offseason practice, grinning uncontrollably because I am just so excited for the potential of what’s to come. Would you be able to guess that I’m such a huge sports fan just by looking at me on an average day? Probably not. Would “bookish nerd” be a more appropriate (and yes, accurate) typecast? Sure. But who says I can’t be both? I think societal stereotypes are meant to be broken, especially in this case, because if you think about it, nerds and sports fans really aren’t so different after all.

Both groups center around a common passion. They’re incredibly loyal to whatever it is they love; they cheer when good things happen and become angry or despondent when things don’t go as planned. They learn all they can about their favorite characters, real or fictional. They engage in discussions in multiple forums, be it in person or on the Internet. They gather together in each other’s homes or in public and create a real fandom community.

Nerds and sports fans alike share experiences that bind them as a culture, and there’s no feeling more fulfilling than bonding with those around you. Why only limit yourself to one sort of group when you can be a part of multiple communities? If someone thinks you shouldn’t, that’s their problem, not yours. Enjoy whatever interests you have to the fullest, no matter how disparate they may seem. This weekend, I’ll be indulging in horse racing (the Belmont Stakes), theatre (the Tonys), and hockey (Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals), and I couldn’t be happier about it.


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