See what others have said about my work:

“You are a great writer and you have very quickly become indispensable. We heart you!”
–Erica Boeke, Co-founder/Chief Content Officer, The Relish

“I was nodding along with your comments and thinking ‘YES, YES – EXACTLY!’ … Ahhhhh, this is just what I needed.” –Allison Forsythe, YA contemporary author

“[Y]our feedback was the clearest of any I’ve received and I really don’t have anything to clarify. I agree with almost everything you told me and even though I disagree with a couple things, because I had such a clear understanding of what you [meant] I really feel like I have excellent ideas of how to improve them. I’ve already made a majority of the changes and it’s so funny how I didn’t see some of the things that you did. The book is so much more streamlined with the historical preludes.”
–Jacob Fulton, fantasy writer

“Hanna has an eye for detail and an ability to catch errors that have slipped by even repeated editing passes. Incandescent Phoenix Books has used Hanna for editing on twelve novels already and plans to continue our relationship for many more. No author should be without a trusted editor and a proofreader.”  –Matt Larkin, CEO/Author, Incandescent Phoenix Books


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