Hello Internet, and thanks for visiting. I’m Hanna Fogel; it’s great to meet you.

If you’re here looking for a freelance editor, you’ve come to the right place! For more on my services and rates, visit the “Editorial Services” page, and if you’d like to be absolutely sure of what you’d be getting into, please don’t hesitate to view my resume/qualifications. You can also see articles I’ve written for publications like The Relish (an e-publication┬ádedicated to female sports fans), The Jewish Post & Opinion, NUVO Newsweekly and the Quirk Books blog by clicking the links under the “Clips” heading.

Should you decide you want to move forward with me in your editorial process (and I hope you do!) or if you have any other questions/comments/concerns, click on the “Contact” tab.

For a summary of my background and interests, check out the “About” page, and for longer musings on books, pop culture, nerddom, and the occasional life event, head on over to the blog.

Feel free to follow me on social media as well! I’m @hannamfogel on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and I’m on Tumblr as hmfogel. You can find me on Goodreads and this site on Facebook too (though I’m not nearly as good at updating the latter page as I should be).


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